Super Bowl: CBS Gives a Blatant Dismissal for the Medical Marijuana Ad

Recently, CBS rejected an AD that was going to be presented during the Super Bowl event. The ad was based on the medical uses of marijuana, however, why was it rejected?  

There’s a business team by the name Acreage Holdings who operate from British Columbia and Canada region. They hold a unique portfolio of cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensing operations based in the United States.

Talking about the issue, Acreage mentioned that the ad agency sent the storyboard to the CBS network, but received an email reply stating – the CBS is not willing to accept any ads based on the medical marijuana at this moment.

Super Bowl: CBS Gives a Blatant Dismissal for the Medical Marijuana Ad

The ad was a 60-seconds long video which showed three persons from different walks of life. All of them were facing certain health issue, and the video explains how their health got better using the marijuana treatment.

Later, the CBS spokesperson told the USA Today Sports told that – the CBS standards doesn’t accept any kind of advertising related to the cannabis content.

Asking about this Super Bowl ad rejection, George Allen, the President of Acreage Holdings said ‘we are not surprised by the CBS or/and the NFL rejecting the content’. He adds this rejection has less to do with the CBS and more to do with the government and our stand about where we stand with this ‘marijuana’ thing.

Allen mentions that 30 states and even the District of Columbia make use of varying forms of marijuana, while the federal government considers it as the Schedule-1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

One of the hardest things about the industry we are working; the ambiguity that we deal. We do the best to work between both the state and the federal policy, though most of the times it needs in conflict. 

The Chief Marketing Officer, Harris Damashek says – this ad was more of a public announcement and not an advertisement in real. We are not promoting any of our product here.

Watch out the Acreage Holdings ad –

Can We Connect the Rising Educational Inequality with the Technology?

If we simply coin the word technology in a layman language, then it is the smartest adopted technique combined with the right engineering which helps you with getting any work done or simply educate you.

There was a time when there was an education disparity between white children and black children. Technology, on the other hand, beats all kinds of inequality, but are things really like that?

technology benefits

Is Technology Benefiting All the People IRL or Not?

Kaushik Basu, the Chief Economist at the World Bank says – the only countries which recorded an increasing GDP growth include China, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, Vietnam. He adds, that even with the rise in the labor-saving technology, there would be a disparity in the performances now-onwards.

Basu stresses the fact of Educational Inequality and goes on adding that the trend is here to stay for a while, and it has now become all global. With the rising technology, the work earnings have diminished. Now, here comes the challenge.

The challenge is to keep a check that not all the shares and growth end up with those who own the technology.

One thing that remains constant amidst all the changes is the factor that decides – how much skilled you are. Skills never decay or perish. They are here to stay with you, no matter how much science/technology has prevailed the market. Therefore, make sure that you are well aware of the technology and trending concepts relating to the field, to even get started.

Also, considering the enrolment of the students more and more students are getting in touch with the online learning and virtual courses.

If you check it in one way, technology is adding quality to many lives. Students and teachers can communicate with each other through video conferencing. Recently, many schools have also allowed kids to take online classes during their class hours itself.

In the end, online learning and technology have benefitted many students and other learning individuals out there. You don’t need a real tutor for learning, that’s what technology has offered to you. But if the same thing is creating an equality issue, then this challenge should be dealt with directly.

So, my answer to the question would be Yes, technology in its various form is definitely helping many people. Making its reach to more people, and rising the accessibility is what needs to be done next.

Uber has won a Short-Term License for running in London! [KNOW IT HERE]

Uber was banned for a year in London, citing allegations that the mobile-run application could not equal to a real taximeter. It was brought up by the Transport for London(TfL) authority; and on October 16th, 2015 they took the issue to the High Court of Justice on whether the app is rightly calculating the fares or not. Uber won the case, and they were made legal in London.

The above incident happened during the time of 2015-2016, and then, what happened next?

Uber has won a Short-Term License for running in London

The license of the cab-running application Uber was due to expire in the September month of 2017. But the Transport for London (TfL) said that they were not going to renew the license stating that the ‘application of uber is not fit and proper‘ for a private hire operator service.

Uber In London

Also, the TfL mentioned that they had concerns with the way Uber was dealing with the criminal offenses reported against the drivers. They also mentioned how the application has not been prompt with providing the medical certificates and other Disclosure & Barring Service Checks for the hired employees. These service checks ensure that only safe recruitments are made, considering the candidate’s behavior and his past work experience.

The company was seeking a 5-year license for running in London, which was then denied by the TfL.

Again the case was brought in the Westminster Magistrates’ Court, and the Chief Magistrate Emma Arbuthnot declared that ‘Uber is now fit and proper’ after Uber agreed to follow certain rules and make changed in the working.

Some of the changes and actions which were undertaken by Uber:

  • First, Uber had to pay a legal cost of £425,000. 
  • Making strict rules relating to the private hire license of the drivers.
  • Setting a limit on the driver’s riding hours. 

Thereafter, Uber also agreed that the TfL’s decision to cancel their license was completely justified, considering the allegations and the points made.

Following the Uber’s agreement with the TfL’s amendments, the London Mayor Sadiq Khan said, “After some years of poor service in London, Uber has now agreed with the TfL’s allegation and has accepted them to be all justified. Our stance now remains vindicated by the court.”

Later, on 26th June 2018, the Westminster Magistrates’ Court granted a license for 15-months on probation to Uber. During this period, the Court will be monitoring the service and performance, which will decide the future proceedings. Currently, Uber is operating with all the TfL’s newly set rules along with the ones decided by Uber for the 5-year license.

You could now lodge complaints directly to the police instead of going through the TfL authorities. The drivers can only ride in a particular region if they hold a private hire license for the concerned region. Also, the driver has to compulsorily take 6 hours of an uninterrupted break after 10 hours of running.

Do Democrats want illegal immigrants to ‘infest’ US? | Truth Or Fake

Donald Trump is currently serving as the President of United States and is on the 45th position. Before getting into the politics, he was into business and has also worked with the television fraternity.

Well, he has always been a center of attraction for his irate nature and the harsh tweets that he makes. Recently, he made a tweet about the Democrats of the country, and the news is True! It’s not a fake one. 

Do Democrats want illegal immigrants to ‘infest’ US? | Truth Or Fake

Donald Trump started off the twitter posts with the above tweet he made, which marked the beginning of the border security problem. He mentioned how the crime rates have gone high due to the migrants which have entered the country illegally. In his tweet, he mentioned that the crime rates in Germany have gone high by 10% as all the migrant people have been accepted in the country.

Another point to note here is, Trump used up fake information to make his tweet look a promising one. He said that the crime rates have increased in Germany, but since 1992 the crimes have decreased and also in the year 2016 it was reduced by 5%. Why would anyone do it?

He didn’t stop there!

Next tweet was directly pointed to the Democrats of the country, for allowing all the illegal immigrants inside the country. There was a huge twitter rage online, and there were many people who shared their anger for this one. He compared the immigrants with the MS-13 gang, and how the Democrats didn’t care about this problem.

In another news, it was reported that Trump is planning to build a wall and he has started looking for the prototypes for the same.

He mentioned that the children of the ‘illegal immigrants’ are also liable under the new policies. Now they can’t be charged as an illegal immigrant but would have to pass through the legal proceedings. Below was one of his tweets, and he later added that – if parents are coming to the country illegally, then their children are also equal at fault though we can’t charge the immigration thing on them.

Finally, he ended up the discussion with the tweet which is given below.

What do you think about this way of dealing the immigrants? What’s your say on the building a wall around the United States as it is being planned by the President?

Share us your opinion below, and you could also strike a discussion on the same!