Super Bowl: CBS Gives a Blatant Dismissal for the Medical Marijuana Ad

Recently, CBS rejected an AD that was going to be presented during the Super Bowl event. The ad was based on the medical uses of marijuana, however, why was it rejected?  

There’s a business team by the name Acreage Holdings who operate from British Columbia and Canada region. They hold a unique portfolio of cannabis cultivation, processing and dispensing operations based in the United States.

Talking about the issue, Acreage mentioned that the ad agency sent the storyboard to the CBS network, but received an email reply stating – the CBS is not willing to accept any ads based on the medical marijuana at this moment.

Super Bowl: CBS Gives a Blatant Dismissal for the Medical Marijuana Ad

The ad was a 60-seconds long video which showed three persons from different walks of life. All of them were facing certain health issue, and the video explains how their health got better using the marijuana treatment.

Later, the CBS spokesperson told the USA Today Sports told that – the CBS standards doesn’t accept any kind of advertising related to the cannabis content.

Asking about this Super Bowl ad rejection, George Allen, the President of Acreage Holdings said ‘we are not surprised by the CBS or/and the NFL rejecting the content’. He adds this rejection has less to do with the CBS and more to do with the government and our stand about where we stand with this ‘marijuana’ thing.

Allen mentions that 30 states and even the District of Columbia make use of varying forms of marijuana, while the federal government considers it as the Schedule-1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act.

One of the hardest things about the industry we are working; the ambiguity that we deal. We do the best to work between both the state and the federal policy, though most of the times it needs in conflict. 

The Chief Marketing Officer, Harris Damashek says – this ad was more of a public announcement and not an advertisement in real. We are not promoting any of our product here.

Watch out the Acreage Holdings ad –

Super Bowl: CBS Gives a Blatant Dismissal for the Medical Marijuana Ad

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