Do Democrats want illegal immigrants to ‘infest’ US? | Truth Or Fake

Donald Trump is currently serving as the President of United States and is on the 45th position. Before getting into the politics, he was into business and has also worked with the television fraternity.

Well, he has always been a center of attraction for his irate nature and the harsh tweets that he makes. Recently, he made a tweet about the Democrats of the country, and the news is True! It’s not a fake one. 

Do Democrats want illegal immigrants to ‘infest’ US? | Truth Or Fake

Donald Trump started off the twitter posts with the above tweet he made, which marked the beginning of the border security problem. He mentioned how the crime rates have gone high due to the migrants which have entered the country illegally. In his tweet, he mentioned that the crime rates in Germany have gone high by 10% as all the migrant people have been accepted in the country.

Another point to note here is, Trump used up fake information to make his tweet look a promising one. He said that the crime rates have increased in Germany, but since 1992 the crimes have decreased and also in the year 2016 it was reduced by 5%. Why would anyone do it?

He didn’t stop there!

Next tweet was directly pointed to the Democrats of the country, for allowing all the illegal immigrants inside the country. There was a huge twitter rage online, and there were many people who shared their anger for this one. He compared the immigrants with the MS-13 gang, and how the Democrats didn’t care about this problem.

In another news, it was reported that Trump is planning to build a wall and he has started looking for the prototypes for the same.

He mentioned that the children of the ‘illegal immigrants’ are also liable under the new policies. Now they can’t be charged as an illegal immigrant but would have to pass through the legal proceedings. Below was one of his tweets, and he later added that – if parents are coming to the country illegally, then their children are also equal at fault though we can’t charge the immigration thing on them.

Finally, he ended up the discussion with the tweet which is given below.

What do you think about this way of dealing the immigrants? What’s your say on the building a wall around the United States as it is being planned by the President?

Share us your opinion below, and you could also strike a discussion on the same!

Do Democrats want illegal immigrants to ‘infest’ US? | Truth Or Fake

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