Can We Connect the Rising Educational Inequality with the Technology?

If we simply coin the word technology in a layman language, then it is the smartest adopted technique combined with the right engineering which helps you with getting any work done or simply educate you.

There was a time when there was an education disparity between white children and black children. Technology, on the other hand, beats all kinds of inequality, but are things really like that?

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Is Technology Benefiting All the People IRL or Not?

Kaushik Basu, the Chief Economist at the World Bank says – the only countries which recorded an increasing GDP growth include China, Bangladesh, China, Ethiopia, Vietnam. He adds, that even with the rise in the labor-saving technology, there would be a disparity in the performances now-onwards.

Basu stresses the fact of Educational Inequality and goes on adding that the trend is here to stay for a while, and it has now become all global. With the rising technology, the work earnings have diminished. Now, here comes the challenge.

The challenge is to keep a check that not all the shares and growth end up with those who own the technology.

One thing that remains constant amidst all the changes is the factor that decides – how much skilled you are. Skills never decay or perish. They are here to stay with you, no matter how much science/technology has prevailed the market. Therefore, make sure that you are well aware of the technology and trending concepts relating to the field, to even get started.

Also, considering the enrolment of the students more and more students are getting in touch with the online learning and virtual courses.

If you check it in one way, technology is adding quality to many lives. Students and teachers can communicate with each other through video conferencing. Recently, many schools have also allowed kids to take online classes during their class hours itself.

In the end, online learning and technology have benefitted many students and other learning individuals out there. You don’t need a real tutor for learning, that’s what technology has offered to you. But if the same thing is creating an equality issue, then this challenge should be dealt with directly.

So, my answer to the question would be Yes, technology in its various form is definitely helping many people. Making its reach to more people, and rising the accessibility is what needs to be done next.

Can We Connect the Rising Educational Inequality with the Technology?

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